Monday, October 4, 2010

Onward though slightly lateral...

I have a new toy, and boy is it going to be fun. Of course, I have  to learn how to use it before the actual fun can start.

I bought a NetBook.  It's small enough to fit in my purse. It's a pretty big purse, which is great, since I tend to carry a lot of stuff anyway.  When I was clearing a space for the Netbook I took a fairly hard look at just exactly I'd been hauling around with me.

One pair of pliers. One pair wire cutters. One necklace with seven delightful green lamp work beads on it.  Five student-made beads waiting to be delivered. Two fold-up nylon grocery bags. Fray Check. 20x20 scarf to Furoshiki with. Sewing kit. Two hair combs.  Three types of painkillers and a few vitamin D tablets. Seven pens and one really nice automatic pencil.  Seeds for pink four o'clock flowers. Portable  drive with instructions for cabinet making on it.  Index-card size recipe book full of recipes, art ideas and things I need for work.  Gum wrappers.  Cell phone that needs recharging. Empty eye-glass case. Hair barrette. Flattened copper penny that is ready to be etched. A clip-on calculator with really, really, really small buttons. Engraved corkscrew that barely works. Key ring.  Way to many grocery store receipts. One tube lipstick in a color that really doesn't suit me. One strand finished finger weaving.

And oh yeah, my wallet. It's big enough to be a purse on its' own for some people.

I think I should pair that down, don't you?  Or am I just procrastinating in learning how to use the NetBook?  Maybe I'll think about it after 'Hawaii Five-O' is over!

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