Sunday, June 20, 2010

Portable card weaving loom for long lengths

I love cardweaving. Inkle weaving lets me create longer lengths of weaving but card weaving allows me to create more interesting patterns.  Combining the two was problematic but I'm pleased with the results.   I still have to comb out the warp sometimes but a girl can't have everything!   I can't figure out how to get the tension I want, the lengths I want and the freedom from 'comb-out'. Swivels for each card would dramatically increase the width of loom when I use finer threads.  Suggestions welcome on how to solve the problem would be welcome.

This is the gear and ratchet tensioning device.
The  warp threads go through the dowel and are tied around an old knitting needle. The dowel slides out of the holder to make the threading easier. When I weave it gets secured with a string that acts as a washer to stop it from pulling out.                                                        This is the tensioning device that secures the warp supply.  I drilled two holes in a scrap block of oak and sliced it into three. The wing nuts loosen so the warp can be released and combed. They get tightened again for weaving. There are pieces of leather on the blocks.

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  1. thats pretty cool I am using an inkle loom for now with weights for tension.the gear and ratchet tensioning device is interesting. I am a beginner. I have made a bunch of crappy looking bands but I continue. I want to do letters. My boys are grown as well. Its too quiet.