Monday, October 19, 2009

Written pattern for the Band

It's not easy putting a PDF into a Blog. If anyone can find a better way, please let me know. In the meantime, the pattern is at at the above link.

Please let me know if it works out all right.



  1. Hi there, I am the person who made the comment about FFFFBBBB on YouTube, just so you know who I am.
    I love this pattern and was wondering how you set up your cards. I know you have the blue line, which I assume goes between A and B. Do you put colour 1 in A and B and colour 2 in C and D? and then have A and B facing you. Also I know from the video that one line is forward and one back, does it matter which way round they are, as long as I keep alternating?

    Thanks for all your help, are you making more videos? I found yours to be the only one of any real help.

  2. Please can tell me how the cards are threaded pattern vine leaves. What color goes into each one of the holes?

    How is the configuration of each card?

    BA AB DA
    CD DC CB